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Jul 26, 2009
Crossdressing makeup, crossdress sex

Whether you're gay, bisexual or straight you should love JackOffLingerie because it's totally different, and will delight and surprise almost everyone.

Nearly every cross-dressing site on the web features pretty boys that look like girls even before they put on their makeup, pantyhose or lingerie, but that's not what happens on this site!

JackOffLingerie is packed with high quality videos and pictures of big masculine men that often look like women after they get made up and put on skirts, dresses and high heels.

The content is exclusive and hardcore and the guys don't just jerk off but they suck and get sucked on, fuck and get fucked and they're happy to smile at the camera while they jerk off and spray cum all over the lens!

So what would straights love about the site?

The cross dressing niche is so popular right now because it's not just sexy and fun, but because it arouses interest too, and this site does that, more than perhaps any other site in the niche.

If you're straight or think you are, then go check the site and see what it does for you, and if you're bi or gay then you already know what it will do.

The high quality vids and pics are fully downloadable and the site has enough exclusive content to keep most letches happy for a long long time, and more updates are coming on a regular basis and you should too.

The trial will give more than a good idea of what's on the site so go check it out now.

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